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Mummy Soccer

24 x 56’

GENRE: Family Comedy



A group of mothers enroll in a senior five-a-side football tournament (also known as Papi Soccer) since, with the prize money, they hope to save their children’s school which is about to be closed down due to a collapse. It is a tournament for men, so the mothers have to submit a writ of amparo to be allowed to participate. Nobody expects anything from them, but their need to stay together, mothers and children ( that would be separated should they lose their school) will bring them together with one aim in common: learn how to play football better than men to win the tournament and keep the school open.


 “Mums Soccer/ Football” is a story about gender and equality, mothers and children, team work, and constant individual and group improvement. And it is the first time women’s football is the protagonist in fiction.


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